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No matter how you look at it, the Tetra Prisma package benefits everyone. From the supplier  to the distributor to the consumer, the chain of benefits is long and strong.

For our clients, marketing your products not only reflects your commitment to the environment. The “ Carbon Footprint” of this format has been reported to be 80% less than convention glass and plastic bottles! Up to 40 % more product can be shipped in transport trucks without maxing out on weight. This format also elevates the profile of your product. It puts you on the leading edge of new packaging formats and helps secure positions with retailers. And best of all, it’s cost effective for both you and your customer.
For the consumer, the benefits are convenience, safety and a reflection of their environmental commitment. It travels well to any activity and can be resealed for added convenience. It won’t shatter or drip and it doesn’t allow any light or oxygen transfer for longer shelf life.

And VinFirst offers multiple size options — a benefit for everyone.